TOS Coaches

Coach Debbie

Certified nutritionist, personal trainer, self-defense coach, and beginning/intermediate Kickboxing Instructor

By night, Debbie is the writer of more than 40 published novels. By day, she’s into all things health, fitness, and self-defense. As a nutritionist, Debbie specializes in auto-immune diseases such as Celiac, diabetes, RA, MS, and Parkinson’s. She also specializes in balance, coordination, strength and self-defense for women and girls. She taught self-defense at Payson High School this past year. If you want to balance on any imaginable surface including an agility ball, Debbie needs to be your coach. In her younger years, Debbie was a sex crimes and homicide Detective. Though she swears she wasn’t that much younger. Debbie takes self-defense seriously and would love to help keep you safe.

Coach Dan

Kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do Concepts Instructor

Dan is a life-long martial artist. He trained in Okinawan Karate (Shuri-ryu) for 5 years. His background includes boxing, kickboxing, Judo, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali) and Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. Dan is a Certified full instructor in Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts. Former MMA fighter along with 20-years teaching Martial Arts and self-defense and 16-years in the criminal justice field. Certified USE of Force Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, TASER, and firearms instructor. For Tears of Steel, Dan teaches Kickboxing and Jeet Kune Do Concepts with a self-defense emphasis. Dan accepts private one-on-one students as well as teaching our advanced class. A prior knowledge of boxing/MMA concepts is required.

Sensei Megann

Aikido Instructor

Megann began her Aikido training over four years ago at Fairfield Aikikai under Motier Haskins Sensei (Shidoin, 5th degree black belt). She was also fortunate enough to attend seminars and classes under many other instructors, including Yamada Sensei, who was a student of the Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. In addition to being a student at the dojo, Megann taught beginners and advanced classes and assisted the instruction of both children’s classes and introductory sessions. She recently earned the rank of 1st kyu (one step away from her black belt). When not on the mat, she’s an editor, writer, and artist specializing in fantasy and science fiction, and often uses her love of martial arts in her writing. 

Coach Lisa

Krav Maga Style Self-Defense Instructor

Lisa began training Krav Maga 6 years ago in Racine, WI.  After discovering how much she loved Krav Maga, she went on a search for other disciplines to train.  She found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.  She was fortunate enough to train under an instructor from Brazil who studied at a genuine Gracie school.  Her self-defense classes combine a little bit of each discipline, but mainly rely on the Krav Maga she loves.  Lisa teaches basic and advanced self defense and also classes on defending against weapons attacks.  When she’s not kicking or punching things, Lisa is busy with two sons, ages 10 and 7 months.  

Coach Tim

Certified Personal Trainer. Athletic Instructor

Tim has coached girl’s fastpitch softball for over 30-years and specializes in pitching along with boy’s baseball and football. He’s coached travel team, junior high and high school levels. His specialty as a girl’s softball pitching coach has taken two high school pitchers to the state championship. Locally, Tim was the assistant high school coach for the Longhorn boy’s varsity baseball team. He combines his sports knowledge with personal training and is ready to take your athlete to the next level.

If you have an instructional training background in martial arts style sports, think about joining the TOS team. We are also looking for a yoga instructor.

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