Debbie is a certified Athletic Nutritionist and also specializes in autoimmune diseases and weight control. After yo yo dieting her entire adult life, she’s found answers and you may be surprised at what you CAN eat to become or stay healthy. There is no secret pill or surgery just good, healthy food. Debbie also eats dessert every night without guilt!

$25 30-minute private session or $40 1-hour by appointment (480-331-2029 or email

No supplements, prepackaged food, or fad diets to buy or buy into. Just good wholesome food to buy locally and cook in your own kitchen.

FREE Nutrition Class

First Monday of each month

Food is not the enemy, fat is not the enemy, but your addiction to food is. I’ve developed a monthly program to teach you about food and what you need to do to get your health under control. Diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS, and so many other autoimmune diseases are food related. The rate of dementia and Alzheimer is growing rapidly and it doesn’t need to. Join us me for free on the first Monday of each month at 6pm to learn a new approach and get your health under control.

No fad diets!

Nothing to buy!

Learn about food labels and hidden dangers!

Learn small ways to change your current diet and take control of you!

All you have to lose is weight, pain, and that unhealthy feeling!

April 6th 6pm

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