Class Descriptions

Our focus is self-defense and sports conditioning. Our oldest client is 74 and our youngest 5. Age is not a factor so why not improve your health, balance and basic everyday functionality while having fun and making yourself safer wherever you go. Comfortable clothes and athletic shoes (boxing gym is bare feet or socks) is all you need. We supply everything from boxing gloves to fitness equipment. Our classes are unique and most of all fun!

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We offer the following classes with more being added in the near future.

Mighty and Junior Warriors

Our goal is to teach children to be safe, respectful, and confident. Activities include kick boxing, obstacle courses, and games with a climbing wall coming soon. We also work on anti-bullying with the understanding that bullying HAPPENS and kids need to build their mental defenses against it and learn how to react like a warrior. Boys and Girls, ages 5 to 12 divided into 2 age-appropriate groups.

Krav Maga Style Self-Defense

A class with a little cardio, a little toning, and a lot of fighting!  Learn how to use both stand up and ground fighting to protect yourself and the ones you love.  This class will teach you how to recognize and respond to threats and how to apply techniques in high stress environments.  Open to both beginners and those with some knowledge, come enjoy some time on the mats reinforcing self-defense tactics.

*Men and Women


Aikido is a Japanese martial art emphasizing circular movements, evasions, throws, and pins. Its techniques were drawn from a mix of Japanese sword and spear fighting techniques, jujitsu, aikijitsu, and other, more ancient practices. Unlike many forms of martial arts, Aikido is completely defensive-based, which means it doesn’t involve striking, kicking, or punching. Rather, the primary goal of Aikido is to neutralize or take control of the energy of the attacker and turn it against them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Aikido can be learned by anyone, at any level of physical ability, and, in addition to providing self-defense training, can increase your balance, agility, control, and strength.

*Men and Women

Advanced Kickboxing and MMA

This is an advanced class. Taught by Dan Lowe, this class combines kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and other MMA fighting techniques. Basic boxing punches, combos, and kicks required before taking this class. High Intensity for intermediate and advanced kickboxers.

*Men and Women

Women Only Self-Defense and Kickboxing

This is a great class for beginners and intermediate ladies who want to have fun and kick some butt while doing it. The intensity depends on your personal level of health and is for women only. Five seconds for survival is our motto and we want to help keep you safe.

*Women Only

Defense Against Weapons

Defense Against Weapons will focus on defending yourself when attacked by an assailant with a weapon.  We will cover bats (and other swingable weapons), knives and guns.  This will involve less cardio, with dedication to repetition and precision.  Basic defensive tactics skills needed to take this class.

*Men and Women

Balance & Strength

This class is for everyone interested in keeping the balance you have or getting your balance back. It includes working on core strength and physical agility. This class is also perfect if you are recovering from illness or surgery.

*Men and Women

Sports Conditioning

Off season making your child sluggish? Is he/she in need of extra practice? From baseball/softball to football we can help with keeping their interest level high and working on ways to take their athletic ability to the next level.

*Boys/Girls – All school ages

Privates Available

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