Blue Line

Special $20 Membership for Law Enforcement

This membership allows 24/7 access to the gym with a few conditions…

You will need to work around personal training sessions and classes.

Most classes will be in the boxing gym but some may utilize the floor in the main gym.

Please be considerate of personal training and classes while you work out and there won’t be a problem.

Be aware we have kid’s classes on Saturdays and the gym will be busy. Using the boxing gym during a class is prohibited. The boxing gym and all that goes with it is available to you when there are no classes or personal boxing/fight training.


Pick up after yourself. In cop speak, this means put your shit away!

Be sure all but the marked security lights are off and the door is locked securely before you leave. Thank you!

Call 480-331-2029 if there is any problem that needs to be handled immediately day or night. I don’t expect you to clean someone else’s mess in the bathroom but we need to know if there is one.

Coffee and water (50 cents) are available for you. We use the honor system.

You can only attend with another LE member. Do not bring non-member friends.

This membership is available only through monthly auto pay or cash. It will be pro-rated depending on when you sign up at .83 per day left in the month. After the first month, you will be billed $25 monthly. This includes all taxes and there are no other fees.

As retired law enforcement, TOS wants you to feel safe and comfortable in our gym. We have camera and alarm security in place. We also don’t want to boggle you with rules but we are not an open gym facility and are doing this only for our friends in blue. This membership is for LE, Probation, and DOs.

If for any reason you want to stop your membership or cannot obey the rules, your remaining membership fee will be refunded (.83 per day).

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