Basic Kickboxing

Men and Women ages 14 and up

This is truly the basics. If you feel you’re not at a level to enjoy Krav Maga or Jeet Kune Do, this class might be your ticket. Learn combo drills, kicks, and punches while building endurance and getting in shape. Low/Medium/High Intensity

Coach Debbie

By night, Debbie is the writer of more than 40 published novels. By day, she’s into all things health, fitness, and self-defense. As a nutritionist, Debbie specializes in auto-immune diseases such as Celiac, diabetes, RA, MS, and Parkinson’s. She also specializes in balance, coordination, strength and self-defense for women and girls. She taught self-defense at Payson High School this past year. If you want to balance on any imaginable surface including an agility ball, Debbie needs to be your coach. In her younger years, Debbie was a sex crimes and homicide Detective. Though she swears she wasn’t that much younger. Debbie takes self-defense seriously and would love to help keep you safe.

Basic Kickboxing is now offered Tuesdays at 10am $50 per month and/or Saturdays at 2:30. $70 to take both classes.

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