Appropriate for Men and Women Low/Medium/High Intensity. Boys and girls ages 12 and up may take this class if a parent(s) is taking it with them.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art emphasizing circular movements, evasions, throws, and pins. Its techniques were drawn from a mix of Japanese sword and spear fighting techniques, jujitsu, aikijitsu, and other, more ancient practices. Unlike many forms of martial arts, Aikido is completely defensive-based, which means it doesn’t involve striking, kicking, or punching. Rather, the primary goal of Aikido is to neutralize or take control of the energy of the attacker and turn it against them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Aikido can be learned by anyone, at any level of physical ability, and, in addition to providing self-defense training, can increase your balance, agility, control, and strength.

Sensei Megann

Megann began her Aikido training over four years ago at Fairfield Aikikai under Motier Haskins Sensei (Shidoin, 5th degree black belt). She was also fortunate enough to attend seminars and classes under many other instructors, including Yamada Sensei, who was a student of the Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. In addition to being a student at the dojo, Megann taught beginners and advanced classes and assisted the instruction of both children’s classes and introductory sessions. She recently earned the rank of 1st kyu (one step away from her black belt). When not on the mat, she’s an editor, writer, and artist specializing in fantasy and science fiction, and often uses her love of martial arts in her writing. 

Sensei Megann will be offering an advanced Aikido class. Day and time to be announced soon.

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